February 2, 2010

2011: Poor Art in Italy

Poor Art A great Poor Art happening will start at the beginning of September 2011 in many Italian cities, like Milan, Rome and Bologna. The project is coordinated by Triennale. It is a very interesting idea indeed, because there will be many different paintings of "poor art" in the most important Italian museums. Poor Art is an artistic movement that was born in Italy in 1967; it is similar to conceptual art, but at the same time it is different, something against the traditional point of view, in which these artists recognise the static prison of ideas. They wanted to create something simple with elementary material ingredients, like clay, iron, plastic, wood or everything else like poor materials. The most important artist of this movement was Germano Celant, but we must also remember Giovanni Anselmo, Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Giuseppe Penone, Alighiero Boetti e Giulio Paolini.
Poor Art Kunellis